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I accept Paypal, money orders and checks (allow for processing time).  Please do not send cash.  I am not responsible for lost or stolen cash.  I will accept cash if it is a pickup or delivery.
Ordering and Customizing
You have two choices: (1) Pre-designed - Look at the categories under "Sign Gallery."  You can order it through the "PayPal" button, or you can contact me.  (2) Custom - Follow the directions below.   
Fill out the form below, it will carry you through everything I need to get started.  Be sure to give me your contact information.  Sometimes it is a straight-forward order, other times it helps to talk it over.
Three things to decide before you start:  (Found in the categories to the left of website)
(1) Choose a Font -- See "Font Choices" or
(the "http..." is where I download "free" fonts, it has a window that you can use to see how your text will look)
(2) Choose a Style -- See "Edges & Finish"
(3) Choose what your sign will say -- See "Quote Library" for ideas
(or you can "google" any subject, i.e. "friendship quotes.")
Getting Your Signs
Most of the signs that you see in this website are custom orders.  I try not to have a huge inventory of unsold signs.  I like to make what YOU want.  Some signs are quick to make, most are not.  I put a lot of time and effort into each sign.
I do my best to finish orders as soon as possible.  However, I cannot guarantee fast delivery at all times.  If you need to receive your order by a certain date, please contact me and I'll do my best.  It will take 1 to 2 weeks to receive an order.  There is a 20% rush fee plus expedited shipping if needed sooner.
If your order needs mailing, (1) for pre-designed signs shipping cost is included, (2) for custom signs, I will have to calculate the shipping and let you know the cost.
If your order is local, we can arrange delivery or pickup.
I use an acrylic matte sealer on each sign to protect them from finger print smudges and the such.  You can wipe them with a dry cloth or a lightly damp cloth.  If they are going outside, you will need to put a little extra sealer on them and yearly after that.  The back is not sealed.
If you are not satisfied with your order, contact me within 10 business days from postage date of your order.  I will credit your purchase amount or exchange the item.  Items must be returned in their original condition.  I am unable to refund shipping and insurance charges.  Personalized and custom orders are regrettfully not refundable.
Sizes and Prices
(You can choose any length, i.e. a 6x24 inch sign is $24)
4 inch width sign -- $.90 per inch
6 inch width sign -- $1 per inch
8 inch width sign -- $1.25 per inch
10 inch width sign -- $1.50 per inch
12 inch width sign -- $2.00 per inch
12x12 -- $30
9x12 -- $20
4x4 -- $10
I'll have to charge a little more for art work and ribbons
TN Sales Tax is 9.25%
Let's Get Started
Contact Information -- Please type your name, phone number and email address
Type the text that you want on your sign (See "Quote Library" if you need help)
Choose the Font Name (See Font Examples)
Choose the board color
Choose the font color
Choose the size of your sign. There are five widths (4 in. - .90 per in., 6 in. - $1 per in., 8 in.- $1.25 per in., 10 in. - $1.50 per in. & 12 in. -$2.00 per in.) i.e. 6x24 - $24, 10x20 - $30
Let me know if you need something different
Plaques: Large ($30) - 12x12. Med ($25) - 9x12. Small ($10) - 4x4 or Other (Art work extra)
Choose the style of your sign (See Board Edges & Finish on the menu):
45 Degree Chamfer (Bevelled) Routed Edge
5/32 Degree Roman Ogee Routed Edge
Plain Edge
Choose the finish for your sign (See Board Edges & Finish on the menu):
I will contact you to confirm and go over your order within 48 hours.
Thank You
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